Purebred and Half-Arabians and Welsh Pony Foals 


Purebred Arabians  
WB Pulitzer Prize (Noble Prize x SB Josie) 2010 big beautiful very flaxen filly.  Western all the way.  Sweet and athletic, Lily is a standout with her white mane and tail.  $ 8500
WB Sirprana (TF Sir Prize x DT Arielle) 2010 large showy chestnut fully.  This fiery redhead is all show.  With her attitude hooky neck, and large stride, she is sure to be a standout as a Hunter. 

Purebred Arabians


WB McKinley  (Denali BHF x WB Libertarian)  This beautiful filly has a great hip, wonderful legs, and a gorgeous face.  She has a great show attitude.

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Half-Welsh Ponies


WB Cinnabon  (Rosmel's Golden Wonder x SB Josie)  Arabian/Welsh cross.  This athletic golden palomino filly has perfect markings.  She has a very kind personality, and a willing spirit.  This girl definitely has substance, and will mature a large pony. $6500

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WB Puffa Smoke  (Rosmel's Golden Wonder x LS Elegance)  Arabian/Welsh cross.  Full of himself, but very gentle, this grey colt, with wicked little ears, has outstanding movement.  From two athletic parents, this little man should be able to jump the moon.  He will mature a medium pony.  $10,000 Firm  More Pictures.
WB Nightcap  (Rosmel's Golden Wonder x WB Champagne Split)  Half-Welsh.  We kept waiting for the grey to appear, but it looks like this little filly will stay black bay without a single white hair.    She will probably mature a medium. $1000

August 2008 - Nightcap has started to show the grey hairs I knew she would have!  She will turn grey, but very slowly - and will be a very dark grey for awhile.  




Purebred Welsh Ponies


WB Hallucination  (Rosmel's Golden Wonder x Rosmel's Dreamcicle)  Good golly - Whoodie"s full sister is a doll baby!  Refined and extremely typey, this Silver Dapple filly is a knock-out!  With her tiny ears, large eyes, and dished head, she will bowl the judges over. We can hardly wait to present her at the Welsh shows. She should  mature a very fancy medium.  $1500

UC Davis genetic report shows her to be black with a silver dilution and no grey gene.    E/e  a/a  N/Z


Half-Welsh Ponies

WB Golden Sunrise (Rosmel's Golden Wonder x LS Elegance)  Arabian/Welsh cross.  Born 2 weeks early and found first thing in the morning, this gorgeous filly earned her name.  She is the image of her father, with a beautiful feminine head.  She may be the prettiest foal we have ever had on the farm.  Oriented towards people, she is easy to deal with and very gentle.  $3500 Firm     More pictures and video.  SOLD
WB Golden Fizz  (Rosmel's Golden Wonder x WB Champagne Split)  Half-Welsh. This little girl is giving us a run for our money trying to guess what color she will be. Born a flaxen apricot color with pale grey eyes, she shed out to a dark golden liver chestnut.   (See Golden as a baby for color.)  

September 2008:  A hair sample sent to UC Davis shows that Fizz is genetically BLACK, with a silver dilution gene that dilutes her black color to a flaxen liver chestnut appearance. Although chestnut in appearance, she cannot produce a chestnut, and is homozygous for black.

 Results: E/E  a/a  N/Z


Purebred Arabians


WB Bells An Whistles  (Pomp An Circumstance x THA Sonseress)  3-23-16  Outstanding flaxen chestnut filly with lovely movement.  This is Pomp's first baby, and we couldn't be happier with the results.  
WB Definitive  (Infinety x WB Willow Bay) Tall and elegant, this colt has presence.

Purebred Welsh Pony

WB Ramalama Bang Bang (Rosmel's Golden Wonder x Rosmel's Dreamcicle)  Born late in the season (October), Bang Bang was born buckskin, and immediately greyed out. Shown at left at 6 months old, he is already taller than his 12.2 hh dam.  He is very athletic and extremely friendly gelding.  He should make an excellent child's pony.  



Half-Welsh Ponies


WB Alyson Wonderland  (Rosmel's Golden Wonder x SB Josie) Super cute and fast on her feet.  This flaxen chestnut filly is our first Half-Arabian Half-Welsh foal by our Section B Welsh stallion. 

September 2008:  A hair sample sent to UC Davis shows that Alyson is genetically a BAY with a silver dilution gene that dilutes her black mane, tail and legs to flaxen and silver. 

Results:  E/e  A/A  N/Z

WB Munchakin  (Rosmel's Golden Wonder x WB Champagne Split)   Buckskin going grey, this little half-Welsh, quarter Arabian and quarter miniature colt seems to be practicing his reining moves.  Munchy is a pocket pony, preferring to spend time with humans than other horses. 




Purebred Arabians


 WB Peace Prize (Noble Prize x SB Josie)  Born to be a western horse, this filly is beautiful enough for halter.  She is a Scottsdale Signature Stallion baby and is a real delight.

WB Remingtons Allure  (Remington Steele x LS Elegance)

We have been waiting for this grey beauty for years.  After unsuccessfully trying to get an older mare in foal to Remington Steele by artificial insemination long distance from California, we were thrilled to learn that this Living Legend was moving to the East coast.  We immediately sent a younger mare to be bred.  All the waiting was worth it.  This fabulous filly has the most exotic head that my daughter describes as "wicked".  She also displays, at 3 days old, the flowing gaits that Remington Steele is famous for.  This one is not for sale.


WB Cool Beans  (Just II Cool x WB Libertarian)   

Tall, leggy, upright colt by the Monogramm son, Just II Cool.  This bright bay should be athletic and personable, just like his parents. Currently in Western Pleasure training with Rob McDougall. 



Purebred Welsh Pony



WB Wonder Who  (Rosmel's Golden Wonder x Rosmel's Dreamcicle)

Good Golly!  We were uncertain of parentage, but it looks like Golden, our Welsh Pony stallion, decided to start his breeding career a year early!  Whoodie is a cutie!!  This palomino purebred Section B Welsh filly is a knock-out.  She has incredible movement, and will finish a fancy medium.  $3500  Additional photos.   SOLD


WB Ice Shakream  (Sharem El Shakan x SB Josie)
WB Unmistakable   (MB Mistaz x Winsome Bint Bey )   2/21/2003 Purebred Gray Colt. 
WB So Sereene   (Safeen x THA Sonseress): 3/10/2003 Purebred Bay Filly. Retained.
WB Libertarian   (Magic Elixir x WB Willow Bay): 4/8/2003 Purebred Bay Filly. Retained.
WB Salomone   (Sharem El Shakan x WB Wings of a Dove): 4/17/2003 Half-Arabian Chestnut Tobiano Filly.  SOLD